1. Enter your departure airport and the final destination in Latin.
2. In case, you have typed destination incorrect, on a second step the system will require to enter it again.
3. Fill in the arrival and the departure dates.
4. Click the button "search" on the bottom of the page.
5. In case, you would like to change the arrival and the departure dates on a next step, on the top of the reservation form you will find the button , which will move you to a different date earlier or later.
6. In the search results are listed all flights and tariffs, but the lowest fares are not always available for booking.
7. Click the button " available flights" or "power shopper/ search start" to see only the available fares and flights. If you need further information, call 02 8050630.
8. Use the button " book" to choose a flight from the list.
9. Fill in the fields correct to finish the reservation.